UnscriptedwithFolusoG – Ep 1: #Let’sTalkAbout Influence with Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

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Influencers… 🤔 We all see them, we all know them. Some of us love them. Some of us hate them. Yet, we cannot deny the crucial role they play in impacting change in today’s world, their main weapons being their power and their influence. ⁣

I’m going to be very honest: those words,—“power” and “influence”—make me uncomfortable. I generally shy away from them. And many of us do. Maybe in the name of “humility”, maybe we just can’t be bothered 🤷🏽‍♀️⁣

The recent uprisings against racial injustice worldwide and the seemingly endless reports of gender violence in Nigeria got me thinking A LOT. And I heard God say to me “You can complain all you want…. But if the right people don’t get into positions of power and influence, you won’t be able to make any significant & sustainable change”⁣

So what does Power & Influence mean for “everyday people” like you and I? What does it look like for women? for Christians? for professionals? business owners? for us all? And how do we use it to constantly effect positive change and make our world a better place!⁣

In this instalive turned podcast, I discuss this topic of power and influence with one of my absolute favesss 😍🤩 the amazing Mrs Audrey Joe-Ezigbo, the Deputy Managing Director of Falcon Corporation Limited.

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