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Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you require to discover, own and live your best life.

Using relevant global frameworks, we work with you in a collaborative approach to peel back the layers and discover your authentic self /natural talents. Then, we help you see how to transform those talents into strengths; to unleash your superpower!

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Capacity Building
At our sessions, we help you discover, develop the skills, resources and relationships you need; and show you how to deploy them to thrive in an ever evolving world.
Our coaching framework is practical and expository - guiding you to see your untapped potential, and harness it to achieve your set goals.
Liberated Vision Board Sessions
At our VB sessions, we adopt a holistic framework in guiding you to reflect on your success and “failures” - enabling you achieve self-awareness and empowering you to truly envision greatness. Our VB sessions are famous for being practical, relatable and enlightening. Join our waiting list.
Unleash My Superpower (Strengths Discovery) Workshop
UMS is our signature capacity building session. At this guided learning session, we help you discover your natural talents and transform them into your superpower to achieve success and more! Ready to move from Natural Talent to Super?

The Unleash My SuperPowers Workshop is designed to help individuals better understand & learn how their innate gifts & talents can be developed and maximized for success & greatness. This leads to having clarity of purpose and a sense of real direction.

Ready to start your strength journey? Download our ebook here.
John Maxwell Mastermind
The JM Mastermind is an 11 week intensive coaching program aimed at grooming participants to live intentionally and focused.

Using the John Maxwell Intentional Living Framework, we facilitate and provide guidance / useful resources to enable you make the most of your journey. The Mastermind program offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.
Liberated Tea Series
This program is designed for the “Leading Lady” – a woman in career or business who is heading towards leadership. This forum serves as a knowledge sharing, networking and peer to peer learning session. The LT series also serves as a bridge to connect older leading ladies to younger ones – with the sole aim of gleaning wisdom. Interested in being part of such a community, sign up here.

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