Unleash Your SuperPowers for Teens

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As a firm believer in the power of God-given talent, I have been an advocate of identifying, nurturing, investing in, and sharing our children’s unique abilities with the world. These talents are precious gifts from God that continue to give, shaping their lives and bringing them fulfilment, purpose, and success. “Unleash Your Super-Powers for Teens” by Foluso Gbadamosi, is a compelling guide tailored for teens highlighting the importance of intentionally nurturing their talents from an early age. The book offers them a roadmap to harness their innate strengths, confidence, and potential. This gives them an edge in pursuing their passions and fulfilling their purpose.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing Foluso’s parenting journey from the sidelines and have observed her dedication and passion in helping her own children unlock their superpowers. Her commitment to guiding and supporting teens on their journey to personal growth and self-discovery is truly inspiring. Nigeria’s teenagers constitute nearly 50% of our total population. This demographic reality presents us with either a tremendous opportunity or significant challenge. Just imagine the boundless potential waiting to be unlocked.

As parents, teachers, and guardians, it is our duty to recognize the potential within our children and wards, and to be that guiding light that steers them towards discovering their unique superpowers. “Unleash Your Super-Powers for Teens” is a call to action. By identifying their talents early, we can help them to uncover the priceless gifts that will shape their future and propel them towards success.

This book is a must read for any young person seeking to unlock their full potential and make a positive impact in the world.

Let us all join hands in nurturing the next generation; they are the future.

It takes a village.

Ambassador Nimi Akinkugbe

Nigeria’s Ambassador to Greece 2021 – 2023| Founder, Bestman Games Ltd | Founder, Money Matters with Nimi

Unleash Your SuperPowers FOR TEENS

Ever imagine yourself as a superhero, but with real-life powers waiting to be unleashed? That’s exactly what “Unleash Your SuperPowers for Teens” is all about. It’s your personal guide to understanding yourself better, discovering your talents, building confidence, and developing them into strengths.

Get ready to discover your personality and unique talents that make you, YOU! This book will also show you how to develop those talents and turn them into powerful forces that will propel you forward.

Whether you’re just starting to figure yourself out or want to take your self-discovery to the next level, “Unleash Your SuperPowers for Teens” is your ultimate roadmap to unleashing your full potential.

Are you ready to take flight?

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Parents Companion Guide

Welcome to the companion guide for “Unleash Your SuperPowers for Teens”! As a parent, you play a vital role in guiding and supporting your teenager on their journey of self-discovery and personal growth. This companion book is designed to provide you with valuable insights, practical strategies, and meaningful conversations to help you steward your teen’s talents and develop them into strengths.

In this book, you will discover effective ways to understand your teenager’s unique personality, foster their talents, nurture their potential, and guide them toward fulfilling their potential.

By leveraging the insights and strategies outlined in this companion guide, you’ll be better equipped to support your teenager as they unleash their SuperPowers and embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Together, let’s empower your teen to realize their full potential and thrive!

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